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Wood I-Joists

LPI_Joists 36-56Wood I-Joists are engineered to be straighter, stiffer, stronger and more consistent in performance than solid sawn lumber. Engineered Wood I-Joists provide the owner with a superior floor, the builder with consistent quality for fewer call backs or complaints and the specifier with the confidence and versatility only Engineered Wood I-Joists can offer. See below for technical specifications. See the Inventory page for what's in stock.

LPI_Joists 20-32When Structural Wood Corporation introduced the Engineered Wood I-Joist in 1969, it was perceived by many as a product of the future and today, it is the product of choice. When determining what product is best for the application, L/480 deflection is not the only standard. We review factors such as actual deflection, vibration and economies of scale. To learn more about wood I-Joists, see the links at the bottom of the page.

LPI-Joists with rimboardStructural Wood Corporation offers a complete line of Engineered Wood I-Joist. I-Joists are available in several series and in depths of up to 20 inches to address your residential, multi-family, light commercial or commercial needs. Our inventories include I-Joist in depths up to 16 inches and lengths up to 64 feet. You will not find a more versatile I-Joist that offers you a superior performance at the same competitive cost.

Please see the Inventory page to find the wide selection we have to choose from. If an item is not in stock, we will contact our supplier immediately to assure prompt delivery.

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