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Engineered Wood Products

Premium Standard Farms, PrincetonToday, contractors must assess their building products from many different viewpoints. Is it structurally sound; is it cost effective; and just as importantly, is it "green"? In other words, what's the environmental impact of this product? Is it a sustainable forest resource? Structural Wood Corporation's line of engineered wood products meet all of the challenges facing today's builder. Engineered wood products make efficient use of forest resources.

LP I-joists (See below)Public awareness has created a huge demand for products that are sustainable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and where exposed, look beautiful. Engineered wood products are all that and more. They are structurally superior to sawn timber, often made from recycled materials, and are much more cost efficient. Consider also the fact that a tree absorbs during it's lifetime almost 150% of it's weight in carbon dioxide and when harvested, locks that carbon up for generations.
Solid Start Floor
Through selective utilization of wood components, a long list of efficient engineered wood products has been developed. Structural Wood Corporation (SWC) endeavors to market these products to enhance building architecture, improve the structural efficiency of industry designs, and provide lasting beauty and strength to our structures in the way only nature can.

The following list of materials constitute a large part of the available engineered wood products and related accessories at SWC. This product line at SWC has evolved due to industry demands and technical innovations. Our products comply with the latest ANSI, AITC, and APA/EWS starndards. We welcome your input and questions about the use of any of the following or any of the structural wood products that are part of the ever changing building industry.

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