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Rosemount Church beam installationWhen you use Structural Wood Corporation for installation, you get the advantage of our 40 years of experience working with engineered wood products. When we design, process and install your engineered wood products, you have the assurance that our quality reputation will serve you through the entire project. For instance, we organize our processes and deliveries to your site so you receive the right loads at the right time. We have a Project Coordinator who follows your job from order through the final shipment to make sure your job is organized for fastest installation.

Rosemount Church crane & beamStructural Wood Corporation has utilized the same installation professionals for almost thirty years. Their experience and expertise with our products can often be the key to a fast, efficient and beautiful installation. Field fabrication and assembly are often required on jobs where you are connecting to, or modifying, an existing building. Our installation professionals have years of experience working with these materials and know what can be done to them based on code and practical knowledge. They also have the tools to work with, modify, or handle, engineered wood products. In addition, our installer fully understands the care and protection necessary to keep your EWP from being damaged or marred from exposure.

Crane lifting Rosemount church beamWhen questions arise in the field (and there are always questions in the field), our installer can work closely with our staff to answer the questions quickly to prevent costly delays. Trust Structural Wood Corporation for your next engineered wood product installation.

You may contact our sales staff to arrange for installation of your engineered wood products

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