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Nailbase Insulation

Nailbase InsulationACFoam® Nailbase insulation is an easy to use, one-step labor saving product that combines thermally efficient polyiso insulation bonded to a 7/16" APA/TECO rated OSB nailbase surface. The 4' x 8' panels come in a 1.5" to 4.5" nominal thickness. They are also available with a minimum 19/32" CDX plywood in place of the OSB.

Crossvent Nailbase InsulationACFoam® Crossvent™ Nailbase insulation is identical to standard nailbase except for the 1", 1.5" or 2" vent space strips that separate the nailbase surface from the polyiso insulation. ACFoam® Crossvent™ Nailbase insulation also comes in standard 4' x 8' panels. (When specifying, the designer should consider size of airspace, ventilation capabilities of soffit and ridge vents, and length of run, among other considerations.)

For higher thermal efficiency applications, a two layer system of board stock and nailbase insulation with overlapping edges can be utilized.

Why ACFoam®Nailbase insulation is your green choice:
  1. For five years, Atlas Roofing Corporation has been converting its plants to HCFC-free, non-ozone depleting production. While not yet at 100%, designers have the option to specify non-HCFC products.
  2. The US EPA Zero Global Warming product.
  3. ACFoam-II contains between 17% and 68% recycled materials by weight.

Please contact SWC to find out more about availability.

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