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Shop Drawings

SWC staff at work on drawingsStructural Wood Corporation supplies a full set of shop drawings for approval before any work starts in the shop. "One more pair of eyes" checking the details is one of the many benefits to Structural Wood Corporation's shop drawings. To develop and prepare shop fabrication drawings, the detailer must think about how the structure is to be put together in the field. With our typical exercise of skill and care, our detailers uncover inadvertent errors, omissions or inconsistencies in the building drawings. The resolution of such issues at the pre-construction phase of a project benefits everyone because of the time and money saved and problems averted.

Our skilled drafters work closely with our knowledgeable designers to create a quality set of shop drawings that are easy to read and understand. Our checkers closely monitor the job throughout and sign off on every drawing before it goes to the shop.

Below, please click on these examples of our shop drawings so that you will feel comfortable and confident working with SWC to bring your project to reality.

Please contact SWC and we will gladly discuss your next project.

shop Drawing Beam End Shop Drawing Arch Shop Drawing Truss Plate Shop Drawing Hidden Plate

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