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Glulam Members

Split Rock Lighthouse Visitor CenterFor over 100 years, glued-laminated (glulam) timbers have been an integral part of the construction industry. The Structural Wood Corporation Photo Gallery provides designers, architects and engineers with examples of the various residential and commercial applications for glulam products. Our Historical Photo Gallery provides black & white photos of beautiful projects from the Fifties & Sixties. Specifiers will find a full compliment of Guide Specifications as part of our web site technical support.

St. Josephs ChurchTo get started in any application, the Product Guides and Technical Tables at the bottom of the page provide an abundance of information about the use of glulam in Residential and Commercial applications. The attached publications also provide useful information about the integration of glulam products in homes, churches, schools, libraries, recreational facilities, retail buildings, offices, and industrial applications.

Albert Lea HSAs part of SWC's intent to provide one stop service to the design community, technical data literature in pdf format is available for glulam design properties, beam tables, and glulam applications (see below). SWC has a large inventory of West Coast Douglas Fir members in combination 2400F-V4, Southern Yellow Pine in 2600F-V4, and SYP column stock in Combination 50. Structural Wood Corporation offers information on why glulam is the affordable, preferable, and "green" alternative to steel and solid-sawn lumber. Glulam arches and pitched beams take advantage of curved geometry and the use of variable geometric sections which provide efficient structural capabilities while enhancing the architectural appeal of the structure. To complete the technical section, we offer recommended connection details, the data for calculating fire resistance of wood and a description of glulam appearance grades .

For specific residential applications, pdf files are available to download for your selection of floor beams and garage door headers.

Heavy Timber trusses, though commonly manufactured in the past using solid timber, are now frequently made from glulam members. For "building green", you can't beat the efficient use of wood inherent in glulam products. Also, the higher glulam strengths over solid timber capacities favor the value engineering choice of glulam trusses.
Structural Wood Corporation's Glulam pdf Library
Courtesy of APA/EWS, the Engineered Wood Association & AITC, the American Institute of Timber Construction

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